Cyprus opens up earlier than expected

Cyprus opens up earlier than expected

On the 3rd June 2020, the Council of Ministers decided upon easing coronavirus restriction measures, earlier than expected, as Cyprus nears the third phase of the government’s lockdown exit plan (

The above follows the meeting chaired by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, with the health advisory committee, on Tuesday, on the 2nd June 2020, where they discussed the possibility of relaxing certain restrictions sooner than anticipated (

The experts confirmed Cyprus’ positive epidemiological standing, whereby the member of a member of the health advisory committee, Ms. Maria Koliou said “allows some dates to move earlier or to open various services sooner”.

In turn, and speaking after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou, announced the relevant decisions (

These include, from the 5th June, swimming pools to reopen for the public.

Also, as of 9th June when the 3rd phase begins and lasts until 24th June, instead of 14th July, malls will reopen along with airports and ports, indoor catering services, indoor hotels, open-air theatres and open-air cinemas (

In relation to the airports, they will open in two phases – the first phase will be between 9th June and 19th June, and the second phase will be from 20th June (

The countries from which Cyprus will receive flights have been categorized according to their epidemiological data. The first category entails Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania. The second category includes Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia and the Czech Republic (

Additionally, it was decided that in the first phase – from 9th June until 19th June, for those who come from both categories of countries, it will be necessary to present a laboratory test certificate for coronavirus with a negative result. Regarding the second phase, for countries included in the first category of countries, it will not be necessary to present a laboratory test certificate. From the countries of the second category, what was allowed in the first phase will apply. That is, it will be necessary to present a laboratory test certificate. Cypriot citizens will have the opportunity to check upon their arrival in Cyprus.

Also, championships without spectators, kindergartens and nurseries, children’s clubs, outdoor children’s playgrounds, all-day and summer schools with refectories, will reopen as well (

Additionally, casinos, dancing schools, and schools for other sports, as well as gyms and thematic parks will re-open on the 13th June.

Regarding the 4th phase, the Minister of Health, stated that “no definite decision has been made, save for the fact that enclosed-type theatres and cinemas will wait until the beginning of August, while weddings, christenings, festivals, concerts, and University graduations are scheduled for 1st September for those who want to make plans”

Moreover, he made it clear that the limitation of 10 persons for gatherings will be terminated on the 24thJune, as it was heard that certain people are planning get-togethers, as the long weekend approaches.

It should be noted that the issue regarding the reopening of checkpoints, was not discussed at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, on the 3rd June (

The Council of Ministers will, in the future, reevaluate all decisions of lifting lockdown restrictions, in order to take all the necessary measures to ensure the virus is contained.