Cyprus rebrands and enriches its tourism with new action plan

Cyprus rebrands and enriches its tourism with new action plan

Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, unveiled, on 5th June 2019, a 10-year plan, with an aim to boost the island’s tourism product, in the short, medium and long-term (

He stated that “the first phase, which is short-term, covers the period from now until 2022 and includes actions which are easy to implement, such as branding and marketing” and the next period is from 2023 until 2025 and the long-term period from 2026 until 2030”.

The objectives of the 10-year plan include to increase marine and coastal tourism, as well as domestic tourism, since 25% of the GDP in the tourism sector, derives from people living in Cyprus.

It seeks to attract visitors aged 50 and over, for activities with life experiences, as well as visitors aged 65 and over, who have financial comfort, for quality retirement. In addition, it aims to appeal for small escapes from counties, within a 90-minute duration flight from Cyprus, and to attract visitors from distant destinations for short-haul holidays, as they travel to neighboring countries.

It is important to note that Cyprus appointed its first ever Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, on the 2nd January 2019, in order to develop a strategy for the island’s biggest sector, replacing the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), a 50-year-old entity, which oversaw the tourism sector (

The implementation of the new national tourism strategy is geared towards opening new markets and further developing special interest in tourism, to tackle issues of seasonality.

In doing so, the Deputy Minister declared in an interview that, “We must take into consideration the strong points of Cyprus, such as the ideal climate, warm hospitality, short distances, location, language, and openness” ( .

In efforts to rebrand Cyprus Tourism, the Deputy Ministry is seeking cooperation with neighbouring countries to create theme-based tour packages, which will promote the Island’s culture, history, while increasing tourist arrivals, as well as working on a deal to put together joint tourism packages with neighbouring countries, including Lebanon Jordan, Greece, Egypt and Israel (

One of the objectives of the tourism strategy plan is to develop the word “hospitality” in Cyprus, which is the predominant reason the Deputy Ministry created a Hospitality Committee, whose role is to give shape to “the concept of the word hospitality” (

The Deputy Minister further indicated that although Cyprus’ traditional markets are the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavian counties, Germany, Greece, Israel, and Arab countries, they seek to achieve better results in Central Europe, Italy, France and Spain, and to develop their plans for the long haul markets of North American and the Far East.

It should be noted that Mr. Perdios underlined that they have been very satisfied with the number of tourists from Israel and the UK, as it was expected that there would be a decline, although there has been a slight decline in tourists, including an 18.2% decrease of German tourists, and from Russia (

In order to combat the above and to achieve tourism results, close to last year’s targets, the Deputy Minister stated that promotional steps have been taken towards the German market.

He further declared that “We are monitoring the situation vis-à-vis this year`s reservations and we are ready to proceed with other promotional actions towards other markets (