Cyprus Telecommunications Authority paves the way for 5G network

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority paves the way for 5G network

It was announced on the 30th May 2019, that with the approval by the Electronic Communications Division, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) will be ready to proceed with the commercial introduction of the 5G network, within the first half of 2020 (

As noted by the Senior Director of Information Technology, Mr. Chryssis Phiniotis, this development will proceed, when the frequencies are available by the DEC (Department of Electronic Communications).

The CEO of CYTA, Mr. Andreas Neocleous stated that, “We began the pilot project so that we are fully prepared, and there is no delay in the commercial implementation of the network, due to our omission. We will be ready as soon as possible to provide the service to the world. As a first step, the commercial introduction of the network will be made by the urban center, where it is expected to have the highest demand” (

He further proclaimed that, “We will not be expanding the network, just for the sake of it, but we will base it on the commercial needs of our customers. From there on, the expansion of services will be done outside urban centers, though this will be done very carefully. Something similar to the implementation of the previous 3G, 4G and 4.5G networks”.

Regarding the cost of 5G services, Cyta reports that efforts are being made to reduce prices so that high speeds are not expensive for the consumer. However, it is clear that only when the new network is applied to the market, the cost prices will be known.

It is important to note that Cyta Chairperson Mrs Rena Rouvitha Panou, proclaimed that the 5G pilot network is already in an internal test. Hence, until the frequencies are allocated by the state, the 5G operates on a pilot basis and only for internal testing. To this end, the selected existing stations in Nicosia and Limassol are utilised (

Mr. Chryssis Phiniotis, also stated that for the 5G network, the existing 4G network will be utilised, so there will be no additional antennas, and that the possible addition is directly related to the evolution of technology and the increase in demand in specific areas, such as hot spots.

The significance of the introduction of 5G network in Cyprus, is fittingly depicted by what the Cyta’s Chairperson declared,“Evolution is a constituent element of human nature and its creations. Technology is one of the most important human achievements. Therefore, the adoption of pioneering technologies, such as 5G, requires responsible organisations to thoroughly study, pilot and apply globally recognized standards, with respect for the citizens and the community. That’s exactly what Cyta is doing, driving our country on the road to its digital future” (

On parallel lines, Mr. Neocleous, pointed out that, “The commercial services of 5G, will have multiple 4G speed, which will even make fixed broadband speeds slow”.

In closing, Mr. Phiniotis noted that, “CYTA’s 5G pilot network is the basis for testing and acquiring the know-how, and at the same time, will help towards the research and the development of new services and business models, that we have been able to meet, in countries with a larger digital footprint” (